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Looking For A New Dungeons and Dragons style show and Podcast? Check Out Loaded Dice Rollers! Actually, they play Pathfinder.

It's been a while since I've done a signal boost for some other folks out there in the gaming community, and this Monday I figured it was time for just such a shout out. If you're one of those folks who enjoy tabletop gaming D&D podcasts, but you've been looking for something new to really strike your fancy, then I've definitely got something you need to check out.

They call themselves... Loaded Dice Rollers!

What is The Loaded Dice Rollers?

Well, the short version is that Loaded Dice Rollers is a tabletop gaming video show and dnd podcast that you can catch on Youtube, and Twitch... but that's sort of like saying the ocean is wet. It's true, but there's a bit more to it than that.

The short version of season 1 is that the tale takes five mis-matched adventurers, and sends them on a journey of GM Macleods own devising. Using the new edition of Pathfinder, the journey began in the darklands of Ustalav. Moving through the Tusk Mountains, and into the highest peaks of Golarion, these heroes will face chaos out of time, and forces that could break the minds of less potent (and less inebriated) parties. Will they save the world... or will the dice fall in the favor of chaos?

Season 2 is launching now!
Season 3 is being recorded.

That's enough to get you started, but there are other reasons to check out what this video series and podcast is doing. The game itself takes place in Macleod Ale in Van Nuys, which is a unique setting for an endeavor such as this. Additionally, the DM and the players are all veterans of the Hollywood scene who are putting their skills to work on the hobby they love. So if RPG you want episodes that have that epic, sweeping grandeur to them, the style and editing on this will be right up your alley.

Of course, the crew themselves fully admit that the rules of the game often take something of a beating in the name of exciting scenes and RPG adventure... so like any production that's a fantasy instead of an exact recreation, it might be best for the table attorneys to leave their hang-ups at the door for this Pathfinder 2e podcast

If that sounds like something that would spice up your workday, and get you fired up for your own next session, then check out RPG Loaded Dice Rollers on Twitch, follow them on Facebook, Youtube and while you're at it check them out on Instagram, too!

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